Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a site where I can contact the estate of Joan Crawford? is a private film study and film history website, unaffiliated with the Estate of Joan Crawford, her representatives or distributors of her films.

If this site is named after Joan Crawford, why isn't there more material about her?

In studying film, the narrative arc of Joan Crawford's career is an excellent roadmap for understanding the evolution of cinema, the development of film appreciation, and the desire to review and re-read films for deeper understanding and pleasure.   It is because of her unique career and its relevance to PostModernism that the site is dedicated to her.

Who owns the copyright to the materials on this site?

All files herein retain their original/current copyrights which are held by their respective owners.   The copyrights of the essays on this site are embedded in the HTML code.  The majority of images are from the Public Domain, but most have been altered into a copyrighted form.  Per the Fair Use clause of Section 107 of the amended Copyright Act of 1976 (17 USC Section 107), images on this site are intended solely for non-profit educational purposes, to provide researchers and general readers with information about the history of filmmaking and its theories.

Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts?

At this time, PostModern Joan prefers to provide links to other sites rather than web-publish others' manuscripts.